6 June 1944- 6 June 2020

Here they were in the early hours of the morning, 76 years ago, some one hundred and thirty five thousand young men squeezed on thousands of naval ships, waiting for the action to begin.

These soldiers were mostly British, American and Canadian, but there were also Belgian, French, Polish, Dutch and Norwegian troops. A lot of these young men had never set foot out of their countries before. They were to participate in the longest Day of the Second World War, a day that was to turn the course of actions around… We owe them our peace and our freedom…

As COVID 19 is impacting everyone across the world, we will commemorate the 76th Anniversary of the D Day Landing in Normandy slightly differently this year… It will be through a livestream  ot a privately-held ceremony at the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne. The Normandy Veterans Association will be in attendance… online.

Please take the time to watch on 6 June at 11 am  AEST  

Lest we forget.