Bastille Day with a Difference

What a year 2020 is proving to be! Who could have guessed it?

One year ago, we were in full celebration mode of the Bastille day French Festival at Fed Square, with crowds, music, dance and laughter over shared food and wine.

In these times of isolation and self-distancing  the traditional ceremony held by the Associations of Anciens Combattants  was held at the Shrine of Remebrance  … without us!

However this ceremony was videotaped and you can discover it here here  or on Youtube.

This year, the French National Day will also honour the health workers who have
been fighting the corona virus pandemic. In the words of Emmanuel Macron,
President of the French Republic: “in this year 2020, in the face of the exceptional
crisis that we are experiencing, it is the entire nation that has taken its destiny into its
own hands, it is the people of France as a whole who have risen in the face of
danger and have shown, for the best, their combativeness”.
The same can be said of Australian Defence Force and Health Personnel who
tirelessly have mobilized with courage and selflessness throughout the health crisis
to allow us to continue to live our lives.