Bordeaux, always Bordeaux!

The week beginning 4 September was all about wine and the Bordeaux region. The Grande Commanderie de Bordeaux launched the inaugural Victorian Chapter in the presence of both Mr Francis Boutemy, the Grand Maitre of the Grand Council of Wine in Bordeaux, and Ms. Nathalie Escuredo, Chancelor, who had come from France especially for the occasion. The Grand Maitre of the Commandery of Australia, Mr Simon Clatsworthy, presided over the ceremony along side other NSW Commanders.

Sixteen new Victorian Commanders were inducted in pomp and circumstance at the Sofitel hotel, including Mr Clive Scott, General Manager of the Sofitel, and distinguished oenologists Mr Stephen Stern, member of the French Australian Lawyers Society, and Mr Michel Masson, CEO of Infrastructure Victoria. The Honorary General Consule herself was also inducted as an Emeritus Commander.

Nathalie Escuredo, Francis Boutemy

The festivities continued the following day with a big function organised by the infatigable Patrick Benahnou from Atout France.  The city of Bordeaux and the region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine were represented by the heads of their tourist offices. It was a wonderfully convivial evening!