Commemoration of the Battle of Fromelles

On Friday the 19th of July took place the Commemoration of the Battle of Fromelles in the gardens of the Shrine of Remembrance, in front of the Cobbers Statue.

The Battle of Fromelles was fought on 19 July 1916 in France. It was one of the bloodiest battle of the First World War and one of the biggest loss for Australia. It is now a symbol of bravery and humanity. It also commemorates the sacrifice of the ANZACs. A mass-burial site was recently found, allowing the lost remains of 250 soldiers to be found and reburied in individual graves, recovering their identity and dignity.

Led by Mr Lambis Englezos, AM, and organised by the Friends of the 15th Brigade, the ceremony was a vibrant tribute to the sacrifice of these soldiers. Mr Matt Fregon MP from the State Government Victoria and Inspector Michael Glinski from Protective Services Unit of Victoria Police delivered both moving speeches.

After the laying of the wreaths, French singer Noria Letts sang a very patriotic Marseillaise, while the Aircraftswoman Samantha Morley sang the Australian National Anthem.

The Shrine Guards

The Shrine Guards