Meeting of all the Honorary French Consuls in Sydney

On October 26th and 27th, Mr Nicolas Croizer, Consul General of France in Sydney had organised a meeting with all the Honorary Consuls of France in Australia for an annual Consular gathering.
These two days allowed for interesting and productive exchanges as well as the possibility for the Consular assistants to meet the newly-arrived French bureaucrats who work behind the scenes in Sydney.
The Consul General underscored the French general perspectives coming from the Foreign Affairs ministry, while HE Mr Christophe Lecourtier, Ambassador of France, talked about soft diplomacy and the need for active partnerships. Both the Economic Counsellor, Mr Christophe Bories and the Cultural Counsellor, Mr Eric Soulier also intervened.

A convivial dinner with the Conseillers Consulaires with the Conseillers Consulaires (Consular Advisors) was another moment of interesting exchanges in this two day seminar.

consuls honoraires et ambassadeur