Memorandum of Understanding between France and Victoria on Matters of Education

Signature MoU 22 September 2017 – Education Minister James Merlino, French Ambassador Christophe Penot

A remarkable story of education collaboration between Victoria and France reached a new milestone on Friday September 22, four years after the original Memorandum of Understanding of March 12, 2013 that had supported a task-force to assess the feasibility of a new French-Australian school.

Signature of MoU in 2013, Education Minister Martin Dixon and French Ambassador Stephane Romatet

Fours years later, the French education in Victoria blossoms, with two binational programs established at Caulfield Junior College [primary] and Auburn High School [secondary], two bilingual programs established in Camberwell Primary School and Glen Eira College [secondary], and more bilingual programs in the making in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne and in Geelong.

In face of the demonstrated demand for French-Australian education, the Victorian Department of Education has been both proactive and innovative. Thanks to this vision, two Victoria State Schools host a binational section that allows an aligned curriculum French-Victorian to be taught by both French and Australian tachers. The binational program from Prep to year 10 is recognised and certified by both ministries of Education, French and Victorian.

The other two State Schools offer a bilingual immersion from Prep to year 10 and are measured with a quality certificate “Label FrancEducation“.

Highlighting their high-level support, the Government of France, represented by Ambassador to Australia His Excellency Christophe Penot, and the Victorian Government, represented by Minister of Education and Deputy Premier, the Hon. James Merlino, signed the Memorandum of Understanding on 22 November, 2017.

This MOU underlines the cooperation regarding the development of the French language. The French Embassy will contribute to the implementation of quality French language programs in Victorian schools, with a specific focus on developing excellent language proficiency and cultural knowledge. The Victorian Department of Education will contribute to the maintenance, expansion and implementation of quality French language programs in Victorian schools.