Nouvelle Aquitaine Delegation Visit to Australia

A delegation of 35 French forestry experts from Nouvelle – Aquitaine Region recently concluded a ten-day study visit to Australia focused on finding solutions for forest fire prevention, detection, and control. The visit also covered forestry policies and insurance, the impact of fires on different sectors, and the search for solutions in case of incidents such as forest reconstruction and the valorization of burnt wood.

Their visit concluded in Melbourne, where a welcome comittee organised drinks and nibbles for their arrival, This included the Honorary Consul General of France, Myriam Boisbouvier-Wylie and the Councillor to the French Living Abroad, Serge Thomann, Alliance Francaise General Manager, Marie-Hélène Predhom and FACCI Vice President, Pascale Toussat. The President of the French Delegation, Frédéric Dubosq, gave a special pin to the Honorary Consul General of France as a token of appreciation.

Myriam Boisbouvier-Wylie receives the pin from Frédéric Dubosq

With the support of the Insurance company, Groupama Forêts Assurances, the delegation visited forests, research centers, and government agencies across Australia to learn about the country’s forest management practices and policies.

The delegation had representatives from various organizations such as CNPF National Center of Forest Ownership, DCFI AQUITAINE, Fibois Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Institut Européen de la forêt cultivée, Conseil National de l’expertise forestière et agricole, Federation of the Industries and of the Wood of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, PEFC Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Société forestière, Selvans Tree & Forest, ETF Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Experts Forestiers de France, SARL Cabinet Béchon, Cabinet Jean-Pol Gérard, Sylvagil, Pierre Chavet forestry expertise office, Cabinet Gilles Duclos et Interco Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

The delegation was particularly interested in learning about Australia’s approach to forest fire prevention and detection, including the use of technology such as drones and satellite imagery to detect fires early. They also explored the role of community engagement and collaboration in fire prevention and management, including the involvement of indigenous communities in managing forests.

The study visit was a success in promoting knowledge-sharing between French and Australian forestry experts and highlighting the importance of international cooperation in addressing this vital matter. The delegation gained valuable insight and was pleased with their visit which was very successful !

The Honorary Consul, Myriam Boisbouvier-Wylie, the Councillor to the French Living Abroad, Serge Thomann and the Mayor of Lue from Nouvelle- Aquitaine region, Patricia Cassagne