Presentation by Nathalie Garçon

On the occasion of the visit to Melbourne of Dr Nathalie Garçon, CEO of IRT BIOASTER, on Thursday 15 September, the Honorary Consul General of France gathered a group of leading French scientists  for a convivial lunch around scientific matters.

Nathalie garcon

Dr Nathalie Garçon

After this lunch, Dr Garçon gave a talk at The Doherty Institute about her research and innovative activities with the BIOASTER Institute in the field of microbiology.

COnference 4

Dr Garçon’s Talk at the Doherty Institute

After a brief recap of French history in the field of biology, Dr Garçon gave us an insight into the progress being made in biological research in France, highlighting the roles of the Paris and Lyon research centres in this field. She then went on to present the BIOASTER Institute of which she is the CEO.

BIOASTER is a non-profit organization created with the idea that research necessitates the gathering of scientists and of knowledge in a same place in order to create a positive environment for innovation. The institute is currently involved in research in the field of biology in order to find solutions to current biological issues.


In a context in which links between France and Australia continually  increase, and both countries try to fortify their scientific coordination, this talk was a good overview of how to fortify their scientific coordination.