Rediscover the continuing legacy of Simone Weil with David Pollard

David Pollard's bookDSC_0717

On Tuesday, the 16th of June, David Pollard presented his new book: The Continuing Legacy of Simone Weil at the Melbourne University, surrounded by friends, colleges, and professors. The Dean of the Theological School, Dorothy Lee, welcomed everyone by a speech, follow by David Pollard himself, shortly explaining his work and telling few stories about it. Then, the Honorary Consul-General of France Mrs Myriam Boisbouvier-Wylie officially launched the book in a interesting and instructive speech about Simone Weil’s time. 


The Continuing Legacy of Simone Weil analyzes the core work of the great French philosopher Simone Weil and her views on the nature of the human condition, humanity’s relationship with God, and the objective state of our world. Thank you David to allow us to rediscover Simone Weil, this fascinating and inspiring figure indeed.