Visit to Melbourne of the French Ambassador on the 1st of March

On Friday, March 1st, His Excellency Mr. Pierre André Imbert, Ambassador of France to Australia, came to Melbourne to meet the various representatives of French associations in Victoria.

Over a welcome drink organised by the Honorary Consul General of France in Melbourne,the ambassador had the opportunity to exchange with the representatives of the French community in Melbourne. It was a delightful moment of conviviality.

Everyone then walked to the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) to attend the Night of Ideas.

Scientists, writers, activists and artists from the four corners of the planet were present, including the artist Mo’ju who opened the ceremony with a colourful arrival.

Many speakers were heard throughout the evening, all from a different field of research or study. The guests had, for example, the chance to attend a talk by Nobel Prize laureate Peter Doherty, or other academics such as Fiona Jenkins, professor of philosophy at the Australian National University and many others.

They also had the chance to listen to Wielfried N’Sondé,  musician and writer. So Frenchy So Chic provided the musical background.






A beautiful evening under the sign of fault lines in Art and Culture!