20 Years Celebration of the French School in Melbourne

To recognise the 20 years of promoting French education and culture in MelbourneCaulfield Junior College (CJC) is hosting a celebration named “20 Years, 20 Stories” on Thursday 15 November from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. The school warmly invites you to attend along with a memorabilia or picture of a meaningful event from 20 years, which will then be used for a school project in relation to this milestone. You will be able to meet the newly-appointed Principal of Caulfield Junior College, Mr. Chris Chant.

At CJC, its French Section Elective, an initiative which has been in existence since 1998, is a bilingual, binational program that has dual certification from the Victorian and French governments. Students at CJC have the opportunity to complete half of their schooling in French and English, which allows them to gain fluency in both French and English in their primary school years.