AFAS invites you to discover the latest in carbon fibre technology !

On Thursday 17th August 2017, AFAS Victoria  will host a presentation by the Director of Carbon Nexus, Derek Buckmaster, on “Developing innovative carbon fibre technologies”.

Carbon fibre  has been  use in manufacturing aircraft, high-end cars and bikes as it is a lighter, stronger and more cost- effective material. However, it remains a niche product that costs a significant amount to produce.The use of carbon could revolutionise the advanced manufacturing sector across Australia and around the globe, as it will make carbon fibre more affordable and accessible for consumers. This is a huge global success story and it was incubated at Deakin University, by a PhD student working under the guidance of Deakin’s gifted leadership in carbon fibre research.

The presentation will take place this Thursday from 6pm to 8:30pm at Swinburne University. The AMDC building is at the corner of Burwood Rd and Williams St, entry via Burwood Rd near Student HQ, or via John St.

RSVP  to Peter Tolé at or call (03) 9810 5724  to book.