Alexis Wright’s Carpentaria & Indigenous Environmental Artistic Practices

Renowned Australian Author Alexis Wright will offer new insights into her 2006 novel Carpentaria in an international colloquium held in-person and online from the 19th to 20th of October 2021 in Brest, at the University of Bretagne Occidentale. Why France? Her book has been recently selected as one of the compulsory books of the French Agrégation exam

Register for the program via this link. This international colloquium will be followed by the conference on Indigenous Environmental Artistic Practices organised by l’Université de Bretagne Occidentale. This program will also see Wright’s guest appearance alongside a conversation with Indigenous Wirajduri writer Tara June Winch about her novel The Yield/La récolte (Miles Franklin Award 2020 recipient). 

Alexis Wright is a member of the Waanyi nation of the southern Gulf of Carpentaria in Northern Australia. She is both an inspirational Indigenous rights activist and a formidable author of three novels. Wright also currently holds the Boisbouvier Chair in Australian Literature at the University of Melbourne

Carpentaria – Recipient of the Miles Franklin 2007 – Carpentaria is a novel set in a small fictional town of Desperance in 21st century on Waanyi land. A story that interlinks multiple narratives to convey ultimately, the tense relationship between the founders of Desperance, Indigenous inhabitants and those who live in the nearby town. 

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