Bastille Day French Festival : Can’t Wait to See You at Queen Vic Market on 13-14 July !

The storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789, gave rise to a very important day for France, its National Day, which celebrates the birth of the French Republic. Known as Bastille Day, it is celebrated all over France and around the world, in large cities as well as small countryside villages.

ThBastille Day French Festival  that Myriam Boisbouvier-Wylie founded 9 years ago, has become a must-attend winter event in Melbourne. This year, the iconic Queen Victoria Market will host the Bastille Day French winter market on Saturday, July 13, and Sunday, July 14, 2024. On the program: French products, entertainment, music, and several satellite events, the list of which can be found here.

Whether you are an expat living in Australia, a passionate Francophone or Francophile, or a family looking for an exciting outing during the mid-year break, this event is for you. Feel free to come with family or friends to taste typical dishes from our beautiful French regions, all accompanied by delicious wines chosen accordingly. The atmosphere will be lively!

We look forward to celebrating the French National Day with you all!