COVID-19 – Visa Situation

COVID -19 – Disruption of air transport to reach Europe
How to maintain the legality of your stay in AUSTRALIA if your visa expires within the next few days or weeks


This fact sheet is not intended to encourage you to stay in Australia, but to provide you with some guidance.
on the necessary precautions to be taken to avoid finding yourself in an illegal situation if the theft that
you can take is at a later date than the expiry date of your visa Please check the website

General rule n°1, whatever the type of visa: You must take the necessary steps to obtain a visa.
necessary to maintain the legality of your stay AND take these steps
before your visa expires. Don’t wait until the last moment!

There will be no tolerance from the Australian authorities if you have not hired
these steps in time. They protect you.


General Rule n°2: Check the type of visa you have and your current status

Case n°1: If you hold a visa that is open to extension, proceed as follows
to this request as a precautionary measure, whatever your intentions, and before the date
of the expiry of your current visa.

While your application is being processed, you will be considered to be staying at
legally in Australia

Case n°2: If you are the holder of a visa that does not give you the right to apply for an extension,
make a request for NO FURTHER STAY WAIVER and fill out form 1447

In section 15 of Form 1447, indicate the Coronavirus crisis and the disruptions
in air transport, keep messages from your airlines in mind.
airplanes in case of cancellation of scheduled flights.

Start this process well in advance, because unlike in case 3, the review period
is not suspensive. If your visa expires before the decision, you will be considered in overstay.

However, the fact that you have initiated the process will be credited to you if you
find in overstay against your will.

Not finding a flight to France will not necessarily be considered as
a sufficient reason, if it is possible to find flights to another nearby country in Europe.

Case n°3: Your visa has just expired
You must apply for a Bridging visa immediately, while you make your arrangements.