Flanders in Australia: A Personal History of Wool and War

Jacqueline Dwyer, daughter of  French wool-buyer Jacques Playoust, will  present  the history of wool trading during the Great war period of the early 1910’s. Through the life of her family and her own personal recollections, a story of immigration, war and commerce will be brought to life. Her father’s World War 1 diary and letters from the front inspired her first book, Flanders in Australia”.

Jaqueline Dwyer will unravel the rich history or Australian and French relations with Elaine Lewis, who founded the Australian Bookshop in Paris in 1996 to promote Autralian writers.

The presentation will take place on Thursday 24 August 2017 from 7pm- 9pm at the Alliance Francaise de Melbourne.

A book signage by Jacqueline Dwyer will be available after the talk.

Cheese and wine will be served at this event, do not miss out !

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