French to English Translation Competition in Melbourne

Are you interested in the art of translation? Do you know what a translation slam is?

Join the Australian Association for Literacy Translation (AALITRA) on the15 of November at 6 p.m for their translation slam contest. AALITRA is an organization sponsoring public lectures and events on literary translation as well as holding periodic conferences with university bodies interested in the theory and practice of literary translation. They also distribute news of events, conferences and other initiatives relevant to translators.

During this event, you will witness two jousting literary translators presenting their English translation from the French text “La Vague” (The Wave) written by the amazing Ingrid Astier. On the night, they will reveal, compare and defend their translation to you, the audience. You will be amazed at the differences in their translations, and through their explanations of their choices and decisions you will discover the art of literary translation.

And guess what: you don’t need to know French; the texts they will be comparing are in English.

This event is free, but you need to register at