La Surprise de l’Amour at Melbourne French Theatre

Melbourne French Theatre presents its new production, La Surprise de l’Amour, which will be performed at La Maison de Maitre Building in Carlton.

There will be a total of 14 performances over two weeks:

  • from Tuesday, August 6 to Saturday, August 10.
  •  from Tuesday, August 13 to Saturday, August 17.

La Surprise de l’Amour is a romantic comedy in three acts by French playwright Marivaux. This play was first performed on May 3, 1722, by the Comédie Italienne at the Hôtel de Bourgogne in Paris. In this play, a man and a woman who have sworn off love are tricked by their servants into falling in love with each other.

Like many of Marivaux’s other comedies, La Surprise de l’Amour features stock characters from the Commedia dell’arte. In this play, Harlequin and Columbine are prominent.

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