“Somewhere at the beginning”, with Famous Dancer Germaine Acogny

From Wednesday 29th of March to Saturday 1st of April, find Mikaël Serre and the famous Senegalese dancer Germaine Acogny in Somewhere at the beginning at the Arts House of Melbourne.

Somewhere at the beginning is part of FRAME Program which invites through dances to celebrate and connect different cultures and allows to create dialogues between them.

Somewhere at the beginning is an autobiographical solo which describes the life of a person crisscrossing  its way across continents. Germaine Acogny is intermingling the troubled past of West Africa while showcasing its dynamism and diaspora.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness one of the world’s most celebrated dancers in this intimate and mesmerising performance until Saturday 1st of April.

Find tickets on Somewhere at the beginning, the shows are in French with English subtitles.