The French-ANZ Business Days Return!

After a successful set of conferences in 2020 with more than 1200 attendees, the French Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FACCI) is delighted to announce the return of its French-ANZ Business Days, sponsored by Schneider Electric.

Running between 26th of October to the 18th November, 2021, the Business Days series consists of six free-to-attend panel discussions, interviews, keynotes and networking opportunities (where possible); all of which focus this year on the theme of sustainability. The event will be hosted on Swapcard, where attendees enter digital booths like they would ordinarily at an in-person exhibition.

This event is open for everyone to attend, so do not hesitate in registering here.

The Business Days series will address:

  • The capabilities of hydrogen in the Australian energy mix;
  • Achieving net zero;
  • The future of ‘green’ transport;
  • The Brisbane Olympic Games;
  • New Zealand’s leadership in sustainability;
  • And more…