The French Assist Association is Recruiting New Volunteers

French Assist,  is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to French or French-speaking nationals in a situation of moral and/or social distress. French Assist does not provide financial assistance but moral or administrative support to people in need. Sometimes a single listening or a simple presence is enough. The association relies heavily on these members!

In these post-COVID-19 times, the return of visiting French people and in particular young people on Work Holiday visas will intensify the Association’s intervention needs. New volunteers will be apprected.

If you also want to come to the aid of the French community, do not hesitate to contact, or come and meet them at the General Assembly on November 23 (information to come).

Do not hesitate to contact the team on 0431 792 002, or on Facebook), if you and/or someone you know needs help.