United Nations of Footy, Australia Day Parade

Australian Football International (AFI) welcomes members of the French community in Melbourne to to participate in the inaugural march of the United Nations of Footy  on Friday 26th January 2018, at 11am in Swanston Street, Melbourne. This march will be part of the official Australia Day Parade.

To participate, you just need to purchase this specially designed French footy jumper before the 10th of December, to be ready to march in the parade on Australia Day.

The French community will march alongside Melburnians from many different backgrounds under one united banner, wearing their different national footy jumpers to celebrate diversity and harmony. Everyone is invited to participate!

The jumpers cost $70 each, plus $10 for postage, and are available in extra small (XS) to 5XL, as well as children’s sizes. The jumpers take 5 weeks to be delivered, so please order by the 10th December 2017.

For more information on the United Nations of Footy March and Australian Football International, please check out their website or call 0435 092 987.