Australian Rules Football in France : it goes back a long way !

Australian Football was played in France for the first time during the First World War.

After a few attempts to develop the game in the 1990s, several Australian and French enthusiasts created clubs in Paris and Strasbourg in 2004.

Since then, five other clubs have been formed in the south of the country, some of which have established relationships with AFL Premiership clubs (Hawthorn and Fremantle).

Currently, France has seven teams divided into two leagues; those in the North which include Paris, Strasbourg and Bordeaux and those in the South consisting of Toulouse, Marseille and Languedoc Roussillon (Montpellier – Perpignan).

Since its inception the majority of players and administrators have been French people, most of whom have never been to Australia. The level of participation from local players has grown consistently over the years.

However they have very little support and would benefit from finding a sponsor !