“Back to School” Morning Tea at the Consulate

The ‘Back to School Morning Tea’ occured on Tuesday 14th of February at the French Consulate in Melbourne. This annual event initiated by Melbourne Accueilis now the occasion for French Assist Melbourne and UFE Melbourne to be the co-organisers.  This is a convival opportunity for many French people to gather together and have a chat with various members of the community.

The Honorary Consul, Myriam BoisbouvierWylie took advantage of this moment of exchange to thank all the actors of the local community who all play an important part in the dynamism of  the FrancoVictorian relations. She mentioned in particular Matthieu Morin, the Consular Assistant,  the Alliance Française de Melbourne represented by its director, MarieHelene Predhom, theFrench Tech network that aims to bring together French innovative ecosystems, volunteers from all associations and entrepreneurs in various professional fields.  

French Assist Melbourne’s Team

Myriam Boisbouvier-Wylie

Melbourne Accueil Team

It was a delicious and pleasing morning indeed!