Upcoming FACCI meeting – The Business of Fashion : Heritage and Modernity

Dont miss the upcoming forum organised by the French Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the Business of Fashion: Heritage and Modernity on Monday 4 March from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

In recent years, historical fashion houses have been relaunched with great success. Drawing inspiration from their own history, while looking at the future, these houses have turned their cultural heritage into a competitive tool for brand identity.

Presented as part of the Melbourne Fashion Festival’s Ideas Program, the Business of Fashion: Heritage and Modernity will discuss the heritage-creativity interplay in the highly competitive context of the fashion and luxury industry. The two speakers will be designer Delphine Genin and Saskia Fairfull Founder of IFAB. The MC will be Jennifer Spark of Spark Communication.

Delphine Genin