French Assist needs you!

French Assist Melbourne is a non-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping members of the French community in Melbourne and Victoria, under the auspices of the French Consulate..

The type of assistance provided goes from visiting an elderly and lonely person to providing company and assistance to a young French traveller, victim of an accident.

At the moment, French Assist helps an old woman who has just moved into a new neighborhood and who feels a little isolated. She would appreciate a few more visits from the volunteers… Another current case is a young Frenchman who is incarcerated, and will remain so for a while. He is starting to feel gloomy as his family lives on the other side of the planet and cannot come to visit him.

If you have two hours to spare in your busy schedule, and if you are community-minded, French Assist is for you! Please click here if you’re interested in getting involved and helping people in need!

French Assist