“Kangarou de Maths” Competition Awards

The Kangarou des Maths was created 26 years ago by French mathematicians. It draws inspiration in name and format from the Australian Mathematics Competition invented in 1978 by an Australian mathematician, Professor Peter O’Halloran. More than six million school aged children participate from across 79 countries. It tests both mathematical and linguistic skills as all questions are in French.

On Wednesday June 5, the laureates were presented with their certificates by Honorary Consul General of France in Melbourne Mrs. Myriam Boisbouvier-Wylie after a presentation by Janet Gale, Principal of Camberwell Primary School and Maria Karvouni, Principal of Auburn High School.

There were exceptional results obtained by ten students from Camberwell Primary School and Auburn High School, who achieved rankings within the first percentile among thousands of competitors ! In particular, a special mention for Isbaella Hu, who came fifth in her category.

Congratulations to all the participating students!