Madame Voyage introduces you to France

Would like to (re)discover France while improving your French skills?

“Madame Voyage” offers meticulously curated stays in various corners of France.

Madame Voyage was founded by two French expatriates living in Australia, Anissa Attia and Coline Bossard. They want to showcase the best of French culture, language, and gastronomy.

With a deep understanding of French traditions, the two founders aim to share their French roots with the Australian audience, inviting them to unforgettable linguistic, cultural, and culinary journeys.

Madame Voyage offers immersive retreats in France, each centered around a unique theme. Whether you want to improve your French skills, explore different regions of France, or dive into French food and wine, they have the perfect trip for you.

Madame Voyage invites you to embark on a transformative journey that will leave you with lasting memories.