Marie Leautey’s “Lootie” Run

On Thursday 4 August at midday, French woman Marie Leautey aka “Lootie” ran her way into Melbourne’s CBD where she was met by the Lord Mayor Sally Capp and by Honorary Consul of France in Melbourne, Myriam Boisbouvier-Wylie.

The welcoming committee also comprised the students of Caulfield Junior College, representatives of the French RSL, the president of Melbourne Accueil, Sabrina Teller President of French Assist Serge Thomann, and representatives of the Alliance Francaise de Melbourne.

Marie is a French female runner who is attempting to achieve the fastest circumnavigation of the earth on foot (running) by a woman, under the control of the World Runners Association (WRA).

“Lootie” is also working with the NGO Women for Women International, raising funds along the way and helping women to reintegrate into society after wars. You can participate to the funding here.

Marie is running the equivalent of 700 marathons across 4 continents (23 countries), aiming to take out the world record for the fastest woman running around the globe. Her goal is 26,950 km | 775 days (665 runs & 110 rest). So far she has managed the following.

She finished the crossing of Europe (15,420km) June 24th 2021, the crossing of North America (5,383km) on November 24th 2021 and the crossing of South America (3,002km) on March 10th 2022. She is now running across Australia & New Zealand (4,550km) aiming to complete the world-run by mid September 2022.

She first set off in December 2019, with no idea that a global pandemic would get in the way of her journey. With just over 5,000 kms left, “Lootie” has finally reached Australia!


A bunch of local runners participated in her last leg into Melbourne, Pat Farmer, Prue Bokobza of Expert France, Anne-Sophie Pink of  Alliance Francaise de Melbourne  and John Wylie AC of Tanarra Capital. BRAVO!