Marks of sympathy after the Nice tragedy

We could never have guessed that the French National Day intended to be a festive and happy event would be sobered by the terrible tragedy that unfolded over night in Nice. It is a shock indeed to think of all these people, families, children, young and old who gathered in an innocent spirit of celebration were killed in such a violent and hateful way.

The numerous marks of sympathy, kind words of support, flowers, candles, drawings, minutes of silence and lightening of public buildings in the French tricolor were soothing for all of us united in chagrin.

The French community is grateful for your support and friendship in sad times like these ones. Let’s remember the common values shared by our two nations, united by our belief in the keystone values of democracy, Liberty , Egality, Fraternity.

fleurs consulat


A special thank you to the students of Siena College in Camberwell who came to the Consulate on 20 July to personally deliver kind words and cards of sympathy for the victims of the Nice tragedy. Many cards, lovely words of support  from all the students, thank you! To know more, click here and read this article by Le Petit Journal de Melbourne!