Michel Barnier’s Lectures in Australia

The Chief Negotiator of the European Union during Brexit came to Australia to give a series of lectures, a significant event on the eve of the upcoming European elections.

Michel Barnier, former Member of the European Parliament and European Commissioner, former former Minister of Agriculture, and former Minister for Foreign Affairs, visited Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney on March 26, 27, and April 3 respectively.

Every year, on the occasion of the Rodney Wylie Eminent Visiting Fellowship Lectures, the University of Queensland invites a distinguished guest, globally renowned, to deliver a series of public lectures.

This year, the audience heard about “Negotiating Brexit and the Future of the European Union,” and the consequences of Brexit on the global stage, particularly the close relations between France, the United States, and Australia, as well as the recent crises including COVD and the war in Ukraine.

Don’t hesitate to listen to the interview of Michel Barnier by French Radio SBS  !

A very interested subject just before the European Elections !