New 2022 Committee at the French Australian Lawyers Society

The French Australian Lawyers Society (FALS) was founded in 2013. FALS is an independent not-for-profit organisation governed by a Committee.  Since its inception, FALS has gathered French avocats and Australian lawyers (barristers and solicitors), as well as jurists studying, practising, teaching or researching law in France or in Australia.

The Society’s primary objectives are to establish and promote a network of French speaking lawyers and Francophile legal professionals in Australia. FALS aims to promote, develop and strengthen the knowledge and mutual understanding of both the French and Australian legal systems and facilitate a mutual diploma recognition.

FALS hosts networking functions and seminars across it’s different Chapters in Australia and provides information and resources on how to become a lawyer in France and Australia and compatible legal diplomas between the two countries.

In 2022, FALS elected a new Committee ready to welcome you. The President is Phillip Roberts. The Vice President is Emily Lau. Their Secretary is Charlotte Linehan and Antonela Purece is their Treasurer. The rest of the committee members are Quentin Dequiret, Marie Wilkening-Le Brun, Gil Lam-Hing, Donna Ross, Camille Dezarnaulds, Alexandra Law and Gary Thomas. 

Phillip Roberts

Emily Lau



Charlotte Linehan


Antonela Purece









Welcome to them!

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