Run Around Australia, the Unbelievable Challenge of Frenchman Christophe Vissant!

Have you ever thought about running around Australia? This is what Frenchman Christophe Vissant sets out to do. His goal? To run around Australia: 15,500 km to go, 186 days of constant running at an average of 84 km per day (two marathons per day) without any days off…

Why such a challenge?

This former footballer began running after a serious diving accident in which he lost the use of his legs for some time. Australia and the Great Barrier Reef have always been a “kid’s dream” and his accident gave him the strength to make his dream come true.

This physical and mental challenge also has an ecological and peaceful dimension: it aims to increase awareness of global warming which endangers, among other things, the Great Barrier Reef; Christophe also aims to build ties with the Aboriginal people as he goes around the country.

This challenge also showcases the strong friendship between France and Australia, as both Ambassadors, from France to Australia and from Australia to France, are supporters of the event.

The departure will take place at the Sydney Opera House on the 15th of October. To follow Christophe Vissant’s path and discover his crazy ride, check out his website.

Once he arrives in Melbourne, do not hesitate to go for a little jog alongside him, or, why not, keep him company the time of a marathon!