WeInclusive: To help you to thrive !

In lockdown, iit is more important than ever to share and applaud communal efforts to support each other, especially in local business and trade.

Founded in Melbourne by French entrepreneur, Emilie Perrot, WeInclusive is an inclusion & innovation consultancy that aspires to make an inclusive world where everyone thrives. 

Authentic voice activator, Emilie PERROT

Some of the most notable projects undertaken by the WeInclusive team in 2021 include working with various managers, teams and external organisations to become inclusive and performant; developing and delivering well-being programs for employees; supporting executive teams to build trust and belonging in a COVID-19 environment.

Emilie has also developed empowerment programs to meet the needs of people who want to find their voice and flourish in Australia. In particular, WeInclusive offers free, virtual workshops that aim to empower women experiencing periods of transition in their lives. Be quick to book via the link as places are limited!