Danièle Kemp, new Consular Advisor and Delegate to the Assemblée des Français à l’Étranger

Today, approximately 2 millions of French are living abroad. The Assemblée des Français de l’Etranger (AFE) is one of their representative institutions, in charge of defending their rights and interests. The AFE is also the government’s interlocutor about the French people living abroad situation and policy.

The newly elected Senator representing the French nationals living abroad, Mrs Jacky Deromedi, had to resign from the AFE. Mrs Deromedi is replaced by Mrs Danièle Kemp, now elected as a Delegate to the AFE. Congratulations to Danièle for this promotion that will see her become Consular Advisor and Delegate to the AFE for the Sydney circonscription for the region Asia and Oceania.


Jacky Deromedi

   Danièle Kemp

 Danièle Kemp