Are you planning to do some shopping in France? You can get a tax refund!

If you are an Australian resident and plan to go to France for less than 6 months and purchase goods over there, you have the possibility to obtain a refund of the VAT paid on these goods under certain conditions.


You must meet the following conditions:
– Purchase the goods from a retailer offering VAT refunds
– The goods must be retail purchases made as a visitor and must not be for commercial purposes
– The minimum total value of the goods purchased on the same day in the same store must be of €175 including VAT

Once you have made your purchase, the retailer will provide you with an VTA refund form:
– The VAT refund form must be signed by the retailer at the time of the purchase
– You must transport the goods back to Australia by yourself
– Before checking your luggage, you must present the goods and the form together for certification by Customs, at the time of your definite departure from the European Union
– If you are French, you must show a Consular ID card or a Certificate of registration in register of French citizens abroad


How do I get my export sales forms stamped?
You can have your forms for goods purchased in France stamped at any PABLO barcode reader. There is no need to contact Customs. PABLO barcode readers are generally located near to Customs offices in international airports, ports and at border crossings.

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If you havn’t been able to deal with the customs to complete the refund forms before your departure, you still can obtain your refund.

In exceptional circumstances and when duly justified, upon return to Australia, forms that were not stamped on departure from the European Union, may be presented to French Consular Authorities for consideration.
The Honorary Consulate-General of France in Melbourne is authorized to certify that goods, bought in France under the tax refund scheme, have been imported into Australia. 
However, certification can only be done on condition that the actual goods are presented to a French Consular Official : 
– in their original packaging 
– with the price tag still attached.


Prior to presenting the goods, a written request has to be sent to the Consulate stating the reasons that prevented the traveler from completing Customs’ formalities for export, and, include the copy of the following documents:
boarding pass 
receipt of purchase(s) 
VAT refund form

Should the Consulate consider the request favorably, contact will be made with the applicant for completion of all other formalities.

Enjoy your trip!