European Elections 2024: Save the Date and a Few Tips

Every French citizen over 18 can go to the ballot boxes on Sunday 9th June !

The European elections will soon arrived and you are all invited to elect your European deputies, at the Melbourne voting booth.

To vote, here is a quick reminder of the procedure to vote from abroad; you must:

  • Have the French nationality and be over 18
  • Be registered on the electoral lists (registration deadline : May 3 2024) of the electoral roll of Sydney, even if you vote in Melbourne.(*)

During the last elections of 2019, nearly 22% of electors went to the various vote places. This is more than the year 2014 which had only 13% of participation. We hope that the participation rate on 9th June.

(*) There is only one consular electoral list for the consular district of Sydney which includes all of Australia, Papua New Guinea, the Republic of Fidji, the Republic of Kiribati, Nauru, Tonga, and Tuvalu.

Its name is ”SYDNEY” but it concerne the entire consular district. Your vote place is assigned according to your place of residence.