Exceptional Financial Assistance Till the End of 2020

For all the French Nationals living in Australia who are in dire straits because of the COVID crisis, the French Government has allocated a special relief fund, valid until the end of 2020.

Households need to show the impact of the pandemic crisis on their income and their lack of significant savings. Just recently, this “one-off” financial support  has been transformed into an aid that can be received monthly, ie over 4 months by the end of December 2020. The amount is 174€ per household and 116€ per dependent child.

The conditions to benefit from this special assistance can be found here.

Moreover, if you are here on a temporary visa and would like to return to France and experience unforeseen financial difficulties, you can also contact French Assist Melbourne that has been endowed by the French governement with a special aid  to help French Nationals return home. Please contact them here: contact@frenchassistmelbourne.org.au