French nationals living abroad: How to register online?

It is now possible to register online!

Why register in the Registre Consulaire?

  • your relatives could be contacted in case of emergency
  • you will receive  useful consular informations from the French Consulate
  • your administrative procedures will be easier and cheaper
  • you will be able to vote for the next French national elections

How to proceed?

You need to access the website Service Public. On this website, you have to:

  • Create your own “service-public” account [or log on if you already have an account]Registre step 1
    That step will generate an email that you must open immediately to confirm your registration.
    NOTE: it does not mean that you are registered on the Registry of French Nationals Living Abroad… It only means that you are registered on the “service-public” website.
  • You now need to go back to the website Service Public and follow the second step:
  • Log in, and click on “S’inscrire pour la premiere fois“. Registre step 2Then you just have to follow all the steps : you will have to provide a scan/pdf photo of your identity proof, an identity photo and a proof of place of residence.
  • You will receive a confirmation email with a personal “NUMIC” number : you are now officially  registered!
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