How to Give a Proxy for the French Parliamentary Elections

The French Parliamentary Elections have been set for 30th June and 7th July.
It is no longer possible to register to vote in Australia.
If you are not already registered, you can vote by proxy.

Procedure for establishing a proxy ( the proxy for european elections wil not be valid).

You can establish a proxy if :

  • You are a French citizen
  • You are registered on an electoral roll in France
  • You are in Australia during the elections

Or if

  • You are a French citizen
  • You are registered on the Australian Consular Electoral roll (the constituency of Sydney encompasses the entire territory)

You can vote NEITHER online nor in person in Australia during the elections

Your proxy must vote in the polling station where you are registered.

To establish your proxy, please visit the government website and fill in the requested information. You can then go to the consular office in Melbourne with the confirmation email and your French ID to verify your identity. At the end of this procedure, your proxy will be validated.

Important: The Cerfa procedure (paper form) cannot be carried out at the consular agency in Melbourne. It is imperative to complete the procedure online.

REMINDER: Here are the three different ways to vote in the legislative elections:

  • In-person voting (the list of polling stations in Australia, Fiji, and Papua New Guinea will be published in the coming days)
  • Proxy voting
  • Online voting: see our article

It will not be possible to register on our electoral roll before June 30. Only voters already registered for the European elections will be able to vote in the constituency. Otherwise, you remain registered at your previous polling station and we invite you to establish a proxy to be able to vote.