New Consular Assistant in Melbourne !

Emmanuelle started her functions on June 1st… in the middle of the lockdown! Nevertheless she keeps smiling and is getting ready to take over the full consular activities of Melbourne as of next week, or perhaps the week after, once e,verything functions correctly.

So. the processing of  biometric passports will soon resume in Melbourne. Please make sure that you read the official website before booking an appointment. Bookings will be made exclusively through the Bleu Blanc Rouge  website. You can of course contact us by telephone 03 9690 6075 or by email ou if you need to.

Joy Rao and Emmanuelle Bonin

In spite of the assistance of Joy, the consulate Intern, you need to remember that Emmanuelle is mostly by herself to manage all the consular duties, so please be understanding and patient.

Finally, please note that the honorary consulate is closed on Friday afternoons and between 1pm and 2pm.