New Online Appointment Scheduling System


The Honorary Consulate of France in Melbourne is pleased to announce its new online appointment scheduling system!

As of today, appointments for passport or for National Identity Card can be made directly online in the Bleu Blanc Rouge website. You will be able to select the timeslot that suits you best.



Please note: Do not make an appointment if you don’t already have all the documents that you need to provide! This list of documents can be found on the ambafrance website.

Instruction Manual For Online Booking:

1 – The appointment must be made nominatively for the individual who needs a passport or a national identity card. The appointment is individual (one appointment for each person, child or adult). The appointment is for one procedure only.

1.1 – Only one procedure can be treated per timeslot. ONE APPOINTMENT = ONE ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURE (passport or national identity card) for one person (adult or child)

1.2 – An application for a national identity card represents one administrative procedure. An application for a passport represents one administrative procedure.

1.3 – For several administrative procedures and/or persons, you have to book several appointments.

1.4 – Concerning families, you should book an appointment for each member of the family (regardless of age). You must register each appointment request with the surname and first name of each applicant..

2 – Incomplete files will not be processed. Before requesting your appointment, please check that you have all the necessary documents.

To complete your file, please bring at least (*) :

(*) In any case, please double check which documents are needed in your particular case.

3– The timeframe to obtain your passport is at least four weeks, Please contact the General Consulate of France in Sydney if you have an emergency:

4- Please note that for passports delivered in Melbourne, a sum of 8 Euros will be due at the French Honorary Consulate in Melbourne (approx. A$13, in cash only). Passports can be picked up from Monday to Thursday between 2pm and 4pm without an appointment. Please note that the waiting time can go up to half an hour. If you have not retrieved your passport within 3 months of your notification, your passport will be cancelled and destroyed.