Proxy for European Elections in Melbourne !

In 2019, 705 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) will be elected in Europe. France will be represented by 79 MEPs. For French citizens, you can find all useful information on the websites: and ouijevote. The vote will take place Sunday, May 26, 2019. In the event of anticipated absence or impossibility to present yourself to vote on polling day, you can elect to vote by proxy.

A proxy vote : How does it work?

You must first be registered on one of either the consular electoral list of Sydney, the electoral list of another consulate, or on the electoral list of a town hall in France. Then you can sign a proxy form at the following locations :

  • the General Consulate of France in Sydney
  • the Embassy of France in Canberra
  • the Consular Agency in Adelaide
  • the Consular Agency in Perth
  • the other agencies (Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart) – only by appointment, during a pre-planned consular visit to this effect (it is advised to regularly check the updates of consular agencies).
  • In Melbourne, there will be a proxy session on the morning of Friday April12th. Please arrange an appointment as mentionned above.

A proxy vote is a formality by which you authorise a third person to vote in your place and in your name.

The condition is that both you and that third party are registered on the same electoral list.

For more information on voting by proxy, click on the page of the General Consulate of France in Sydney in addition to the website .

For general information about the 2019 European elections (in French), click here.