Referendum In New Caledonia

In accordance with the Nouméa Accord of 1998, New Caledonians have been allowed to vote by referendum on whether to stay French or become independant. The first referendum was held in November 2018, with voters rejecting independence by 56–44%. In the second of three possible independence referendums held on 4 October 2020,  53% of New Caledonians voted against independence from France.

The third referendum to decide whether New Caledonia will be come fully independant will happen on 12 December 2021.

If you are registered on this special elctoral list and that you live in Australia, you can give a proxy under certain conditions. If you live in Victoria, you need to registrer through a specific form  so we can let you know when the consular agent from Sydney will be able to come to Melbourne.

For more information, please refer to the consulate website.