Slow Reopening of Australia’s International Borders

Following Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s recent announcement regarding the imminent international reopening of Australian borders, here provided is a summary of the most important details pertaining to Victoria:

  • The possibility of international travel hinges on a full-vaccination national rate of 80%, which is expected to be reached around November 10, 2021
  •  Vaccination status will  play a role in determining the applicable quarantine system when disembarking: Those who are either unvaccinated, partially-vaccinated or vaccinated with a vaccine not approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration must spend 14 days in hotel quarantine. The fully vaccinated travellers might be able to home-quarantine for 7 days, depending on the success of the current pilot trials.
  • Countries that have to-date been marked as serviceable “COVID-safe” destinations by QANTAS, Jetstar and Virgin Australia include the United Kingdom, United States, Fiji, Japan, Singapore and Canada. As this list of countries is subject to change, please consult the SmartTraveller website for the latest information.
  • These measures apply to binational Australians or permanent residents. For other visa holders, the return to Australia is still uncertain.

The Australian Government provides more details on the next steps of the National Plan here, an you can find official news updates here.