Tips for your driver’s license

It can sometimes be difficult to understand all the legal requirements when driving in a foreign country.


If you want to travel and drive in France and have an Australian driver’s licence, you will need to have that license translated into French by a NAATI-affiliated translator. Once in France, you must provide both your Australian driver’s licence and its French translation. You can find a list of NAATI-affiliated translators here.

Another possibility is to get an international driver’s licence. A few organisations provide this service, for example RACV in Victoria.

If you wish to travel and drive in Australia with a French driver’s licence, and did not get an International driver’s licence before your departure, you will need to have your French driver’s license translated into English by a NAATI-affiliated translator (please find above a link to a list of translators). You must be able to provide both your driver’s licence and its translation, upon request.

If you are staying in Australia for a long term stay, it might be better to exchange your French driver’s licence for an Australian one. For more information, you can look at the VicRoads website.