French passports for children ( less than 12 years old)

Here is the procedure to apply for a French passport for you child under 12:

      I.        Registration with the French Consulate

If it is not already the case and you have been in Australia for at least 6 months whilst intending to remain another 3 months, we recommend that you register your name with the French Consulate (at least one French parent) at the same time as you will be applying for your child’s passport.

Please follow this link to find the registration form to be printed –

You will also need to provide :

  1. A proof of residency in Australia
  2. A copy of an Australian visa or passport
  3. A photo to stick on the application form
  4. A self-addressed envelope stamped at the regular postage tariff

    II.        Passport

  1. Application form:

Both parents must sign this form.

  1. Payment form:

  1. A French birth certificate, if the passport of your child expired more than two years ago or for a first application. You can obtain it online through the website:
  2. The old passport and a copy thereof (page with the picture) if it is not a first application
  3. A copy of both parents passport
  4. 2 photos of your child, one has to be stick on the application form (please ensure that this is a coloured background, not white)
  5. The proof of your address in Australia (water, electricity or gas bill for instance, no phone bill)
  6. An attestation from one of the parents stating that he/she accommodates the child.
  7. A 500g Plastic Express Post Satchel envelope, with nothing written on it. You can buy it at the Post Office

Please mail your application to the French Consulate in Sydney.

The passport will be ready for collection at the Honorary Consulate General of France in Melbourne, approximately four weeks later.

NB: please note that the presence of your child with one of the parents is required upon collection of the passport.