Traveling to France: What are the Rules for Bringing your Medicines to France?

You are planning to travel to France? You need to bring your medication with you? What are the rules?

  1. What is considered a medicine? 

    A good is subject to the regulation of medicinal products if: it is presented as being a medicinal product (therapeutic claims); it has a pharmacological, immunological, or metabolic action on the organism. 

  2. What are the regulations for bringing medicines into France?
  • To transport non-narcotic and non-psychotropic drugs:

If you carry medication with you when you travel, the quantity carried must not exceed a personal use corresponding either to the duration of treatment provided for by the medical prescription, or, in the absence of a prescription, to a duration of treatment of three months.

If the duration of treatment exceeds 3 months, you must present the doctor’s prescription to customs [translated into French].

  • To transport narcotic and psychotropic drugs:

You can only bring narcotic or psychotropic drugs if you are personally transporting them. The quantities transported must then be compatible with personal therapeutic use for the duration of treatment provided for in the prescription or, failing that, for a duration of one month of treatment under normal conditions of use. It is imperative to present the doctor’s prescription [translated into French] to the Customs.

 For more details, visit the French customs website here.