Updates on Travels to France

In the Northern hemisphere, summer is coming which traditionnally means it is time to go and visit the grand-parents but…  unfortunately the Borders of Australia are still closed, even if France has reopened his frontiers to Australians…  You can read this very exhastive link here.

From the French perspective, you can read the latest updates here.

In a nutshell, it all depends on your situation:

  • if you are in Australia under a temporary visa (student , work, WHV), you will be allowed to leave but you may not be allowed to return. We do know a number of such cases, so the risk does exist!  Of course, if you are planning to return to France for good, you can leave anytime.
  • If you are an Australian permanent resident or a binational French-Australian, you cannot go to France for holidays, tourism or visit the family. The only time that you will be granted an exemption to travel will be in case of exceptional circumstances that you will need to justify (critically ill close member of the family; urgent business trip for a crucial investment, as examples) and you will have to stay in mandatory isolation in an hotel room upon your return.

So, instead of going to France, as soon as internal borders reopen you can go and explore Australia, or, simply Victoria  which is lovely too!