Good France – A Global Initiative to Celebrate French Gastronomy

The Good France campaign in Australia began on June 24, 2024 in Melbourne at Smith Street Bistrot, and will end at the opening of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris, with a focus on “Sport and Gastronomy”.

“Goût de France”, initially launched in 2015 by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs in partnership with renowned chef Alain Ducasse, celebrates French gastronomy worldwide through a series of special events organised by the French diplomatic network in over 150 countries. The campaign ultimately aims to share the richness of French gastronomy and introduce the world to the excellence of French chefs.

Imbert, bestwoed the medal of the Mérite Agricole to five French chefs and one sommelier based in Melbourne, including: Scott Pickett [Chevalier], Gabriel Gâté [Officier], Philippe Mouchel [Officier], Christian Maier [Chevalier], Pierrick Boyer [Chevalier], and Alexander McIntosh [Chevalier].

Gabriel GATE

Philippe MOUCHEL










Pierrick BOYER & Christian MAIER

Alex McCINTOSH & Pierre-Andre IMBERT


For more information, please see the media release.

Additionally, hundreds of restaurants, cafés, food shops, producers, importers and exporters all around Australia will be showcasing French gastronomy during the coming month. Special menus will be displayed in partner restaurants, with dedicated products and signature dishes, and various events and initiatives will help bring French cuisine to life.

For more information about the Good France guide, consult the website of the French Embassy in Canberra.